Walking through Göteborg

I spent yesterday doing my own walking tour of the city. Over 6 hours and nearly 10 miles, I walked along the water from my neighborhood Majorna up to Centralstation in the northern part of the city and back through various areas. By going in one general direction and following my nose when I saw something interesting, I saw the Göteborg opera house, maritime area, the Trädgårdsföreningen park, the Haga district, Linné again, Masthuggstorget, a Swedish cultural preserve, and Chapmans Torg.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 1.01.40 PM.png
Basic outline of my walk (made with mapmyrun.com)

I feel like I’ve been writing too much lately, so here’s a picture post from my walk!

Fake sand area by the waterfront.


Part of Maritiman, the floating maritime museum.
The Göteborg Opera House.
Close to the touristy area of the city, a tourist tails behind a group of Segway riders in this little thing. (I took this picture by accident, thus the strange quality of it – but I love it).
Boat tour.
Lock system on the river.
The greenhouse of Trädgårdsföreningen. Can you see the palm trees?
A Hard Rock Café and Burger King, right next to each other on Kungsportsavenyen, the main avenue in Göteborg.
Entrance to the car-free street of Haga Nygata, the main street in the Haga District. Lined with cafés and shops, this reminded me of the pedestrian streets in Paris. (Nearby is the English pub Notting Hill, which was very cute).
My favorite find from the day – the Gathenhielmska kulturreservatet, preserved Swedish village houses from hundreds of years ago. This is close to the Stigberget area.
If you look closely in the previous photo, you can see this guy at the end of the road. This sculpture was made by Eino Hanski.