Rainy Days

It’s Friday, and my first week in Malmö has been tough project-wise. As much as I am enjoying the city, it is certainly small and quiet, especially with everyone on vacation. Luckily I have some project meetings and interviews set up for next week, and I can spend some of the weekend doing more research, calling more numbers, and sending more emails. In the meantime, I have continued exploring the city and meeting up with my contacts here.

Fun statue in the city. The glass building to the far right is the modern extension to the Centralstation.

You can see from the gray skies in these photos that we’ve been having lots of rain here in Malmö! It hasn’t been ideal, but I’m learning that the weather is very unpredictable in this beach town. I met up with my new friend Ali the other day, and we tried to go to a free concert by the water (part of the city’s “Sommarscen,” a series of free events throughout the summer). But we got off at the wrong bus stop and then got completely caught in the rain on our way there, eventually missing the concert entirely. Ali knows one of the DJs who was working that night, and they said only about 10 people showed up – all local Swedes in serious head-to-toe rain gear. I suppose if you live here all year, you must be prepared!

Between bursts of rain. (Forgive the blurriness – we were walking and I was using my iPhone instead of my good camera).
Old-fashioned advertisements above the Apoteket Lejonet, the city’s oldest pharmacy (Stortorget).
Ali took this on my iPhone. You can’t tell from this shot, but we’re in a very cool, retro movie theater called the Spegeln (means “mirror” in English). They had a funny painting of Bill Murray and a beautiful bar in front, as well as these fun chaise lounges! 
Colorful art at the Form/Design Center, a small gallery in Lilla Torget.
I was surprised to see a swan in the very green park just a few blocks from me.
I found it again – the café where Henrik and I had lunch on Tuesday!
There are lots of different garden scenes, including plants from different climates, in the Slottsträdgården park.
Last park picture – the windmill!

Yesterday morning, I woke up and sent a bunch of emails to various medical technology companies in the Malmö area. I decided to make the afternoon a museum day while I waited for some responses (I still haven’t received any). For the 20kr “student” price, about $2.30, I was able to go to a cluster of museums. The Konstmuseum (art museum), the Stadsmuseum (city museum), a small natural history museum, and an aquarium are all located in the Malmöhus Slott, a castle fortress from the medieval ages.

A temporary exhibit in the art museum: paper cut outs from Danish Artist Karen Bit Vejle.

The Stadsmuseum included the Knight’s Hall and a cannon tower, complete with the shining armor of long-dead knights, stacks of cannon balls, and old underground prison cells. I learned at the Natural History part of the museum that the beautiful bird I have seen all over Sweden is a magpie! I had no idea what they looked like, but now I know.

Down the road from the fortress is the Teknikens och Sjöfartens Hus, the science and maritime museum. I was able to go there with the same museum ticket from the Malmöhus Slott.

The museum lets people walk inside this U3 submarine (though it is much smaller on the inside than it would seem from this photo!).
Inside the submarine, you have to crawl through these holes.
The science museum had an entire warehouse floor devoted to vehicles, but they were missing an important category (and my favorite): space shuttles!
Lastly, a sunset shot from the rainiest day in Malmö so far. It cleared up just in time for the most beautiful colors of the day to show.

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