Goodbye Malmö

Two days ago, I left Malmö to return to Göteborg. I’ll be here for another 3 weeks, so I’ll be spending more time in Göteborg than any other city while I’m in Sweden. I’m not sure if that really makes the most sense for the project, but it made sense housing-wise.

Malmö’s Stadsbiblioteket (city library) from the park, just a few blocks from where I was staying.

Though I felt ready to leave Malmö, it’s still hard to move on – harder than it was to leave Göteborg that first time a few weeks ago. First of all, I knew I would be going back to Göteborg. But I’m not going back to Malmö, at least not on this trip. If I missed anything there, too bad. I know for sure that there are more companies I could have contacted and tried to meet. For example, here is a map of all the “medtech” (medical technology) companies in the Malmö-Lund-Copenhagen area:

malmo medtech map (1).jpg
Taken from Medicon Valley is the umbrella organization that contains Medicon Village in Lund, where I visited Emmace (the inhaler company).

Many of those places were quite far away from me, and some I contacted with no response, and yet I probably could have met with a few more. How much of a difference would that have made, though? I’m still working on the write-ups for a couple of my Malmö meetings,  so maybe I did the right amount of project work there. No regrets.

Side view of the World Maritime University on a beautiful day in Malmö.

Maybe it’s the people I’m missing. I’m living in an apartment by myself in Göteborg, which is a huge change from my bustling Airbnb in the center of Malmö. I got so invested in the lives of Stella, my host, and her friends. I met other travelers like myself (though none staying as long as I did). I saw the same people every day, and we talked about our lives and went out together. I had enough of a social life that I wrote less frequently for the blog, as the need for that outlet diminished. My time in Malmö was an intense period of high highs and low lows (more on that later, perhaps), and now I’m back to the steady calm of being by myself in Göteborg. Time will tell which one I prefer, though I’m guessing it’s a mix of both.

A while back I went to a free gallery in Malmö that was exhibiting the work of Damián Ortega, who has many pieces like this Beetle focusing on deconstructed objects.
Damián Ortega’s “Tired Hammer” appealed to my engineering sense of humor.

Finally, there’s a bit of a weirdness to coming back to the same city and the same apartment where I started the Watson. It gives the impression that Malmö was a dreamlike whirlwind that may or may not have actually happened. So much of the Watson will be moving forward, saying hello and then goodbye to places for the first and last time before moving onto somewhere totally new. To return to a place feels a bit backwards. But I’m also glad to be in a bigger city and take a fresh look at my project now that I’m over a month (!) into the Watson.

Malmö’s Clarion Hotel at night, with a Skybar that I never saw. However, I did get to go to the top floor of the Turning Torso, which is much taller! That was one of the highlights of my time in Malmö.

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