Göteborg sights

I’ve been in Gothenburg nearly 5 weeks now, and sometimes I feel like I’ve seen it all, but sometimes I just have to go in new directions. Now that I have outstayed the typical trip by a few weeks, I’ve started to venture out to the less-visited and more random places (though I did save some of the truly touristy, and thus expensive, attractions for last – I wanted to make sure they were worth going to and that I could fit them into my budget). Anyway, here are some photos from early last week.

I took the ferry to Hisingen for the first time last week. Hisingen is the “large island” of Gothenburg, across the water from the city center and home to growing residential neighborhoods.
I went there for the North Sea Tall Ships Regatta event; for a few days last week, Gothenburg hosted 20 ships that had just finished the race.
This event was on Frihamnen, the “free harbor.” It was a beautiful day and several ships allowed people to climb on board. I went on this Russian ship! 
Having just re-watched the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, I was excited to see hammocks and cannons on board. However, this ship is younger than it looks; it was built in 1999.
I loved the compass on this ship, built into the wood right in front of the wheel.

While on Hisingen, I also visited the Lindholmen Science Park, where various technology companies focus mainly on environmentally-friendly electric transport. They also collaborate with University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology, which has its Lindholmen campus here across the river.

This is “Kuggen,” an office building owned by Chalmers.
Back across the water later that day, there was a beautiful sunset at Stenpiren (the tram/ferry station close to the opera house).
I thought this silhouette was cool – obviously you can’t see my face, but I love the sun in the background. Also, the cranes are a classic feature of the Gothenburg waterfront.
Loving the sunset with Lisa (left) and Ida (right)!

The next day I walked up to Skansen Kronan, a fort in the middle of the Haga district. It stands on one of the tallest hills in the city, built in the late 17th century as a military vantage point. There are still cannons lying on the grass around the fort.

haga (7).jpg
I didn’t take any photos of the fort itself, so here is an old postcard of it (from http://www.strannevik.se/GBG/kronan.htm).
Gothenburg from Skansen Kronan. The green roofs in the background are in the most central and oldest part of the city. The orange roofs are from (slightly) newer neighborhoods.
Another view from the top of the hill facing south-west (Majorna is out there somewhere). Here you can see the beautiful gothic church in Linné that I saw next.
A close up of the church in Linné, Oscar Fredriks kyrka. I really love these colors.
I didn’t want to be disrespectful by taking too many pictures, but wow, the colors were amazing on the inside too. And check out that organ!
I’ll end with another waterfront picture because I love hanging out by the water here. This is just outside the opera house. Even though Gothenburg’s shipping industry (which it was once known for) went bankrupt in the 1970s, the city decided to keep the shipbuilding cranes as an emblem of the past.

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